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Craft Restaurant at the W Hotel
Dallas, TX
Bentel & Bentel


Located in the W Hotel in Victory Park, Craft Restaurant is chef Tom Colicchio’s first restaurant in Dallas, Texas. The award-winning architectural design of Bentel & Bentel was inspired by the original Craft in New York and features a two-story steel-and-glass wine cabinet and signature glowing lights. Brad Oldham joined the design and manufacturing team to create the custom wine-storage system, bronze columns, lights and more.

The primary engineering and manufacturing challenge for Oldham was the two-story wine-storage system, which needed to be consistent with the design and function of the one in New York, yet fit the restaurant in Dallas. Once the custom pieces (noted below) were made, significant retro-fitting was required, since the measurements on the plans were not to the final restaurant specs.

• Two-story glass and steel custom wine rack/storage system, which included LED illumination on a low-voltage system so not to warm the wine
• Seven hand-hammered bronze columns made by laying hand-crushed lava rock and quartz rock onto bronze sheets laid over wood (to allow the metal to take the imprint), then hand-rubbed to an antique finish
• Seventy custom lighting columns (plexitube) to line the booths
• Signage from 3/8-inch bronze calibrated on rechargeable batteries because there was no access to exterior power where the sign needed to be
• 9-foot steel front doors with bronze mesh
• Bronze textures and custom finish throughout the entire restaurant

Craft Dallas has received rave reviews for the seasonal, regional, esoteric and premium ingredients that come out of his kitchen, highlighted by the restaurant’s warm interior design.