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Dallas-based Brad Oldham International, Inc. (BOII) is a design and manufacturing company specializing in sculpture, architectural features and commercial products that are customized for site-specific installation or created for retail distribution. The three primary business units of the company are site-specific sculpture, features and products for public and commercial projects; limited-edition sculpture for retail distribution for the home and office; and retail products to increase access and awareness of BOII’s sculpture and custom products. When the three business units work together, the combined synergy elevation is greater than the sum of the parts.

The leadership of this company is made up of highly respected artists and business professionals who cultivate opportunities to work in partnership with our clients to provide original skills and products. The company offers more than a look with outstanding craftsmanship; clients who partner with Brad Oldham International, Inc. know that:

• We work collaboratively in the trenches. We get to know each client/community and project goals in order to analyze each space in terms of its design elements, as well as its practical requirements. The company is guided by a strong collaborative product design philosophy.

• We provide full-service design-to-delivery options, on scale. Our vertically integrated structure means every detail is taken care of - on time and on budget. BOII has manufacturing relationships and experiences both domestically and overseas that enable us to provide proprietary products for specific projects at a cost comparable to what clients might spend on catalogue products. Because we have a full-service art studio as the heart of our business, we also create pieces that are truly one-of-a-kind works of art.

• We create unique, useable pieces, making art accessible. We want the end users of our products to think about whether the piece is art or function. Because we provide proprietary products in large doses, the opportunities to engage consumers increase. Transforming utilitarian architectural pieces into art makes creativity and art that much more accessible. In fact, it is the understanding of how the space will be used that often inspires new levels of creativity.

Through our commitment to creativity, collaboration, story, accessibility, unique business structure, craftsmanship, and manufacturing from idea to finished product, BOII differentiates itself from other artists, product designers and manufacturers.

Company Fact Sheet
Company Name:

Brad Oldham International, Inc.

Year Founded:

What We Do:
Brad Oldham International, Inc. designs and manufactures sculpture, lighting, hardware, tile, architectural features and art products for site-specific installation or retail distribution.
Brad Oldham, Christy Coltrin
Brad Oldham International, Inc.
2603 Farrington Street
Dallas, Texas 75207
Financial Highlights: 
Brad Oldham International, Inc. is a privately held company.

Art Philosophy:
“Accessibility & Engagement”
Brad Oldham’s command of many materials, combined with his knowledge of processes, allows his creative thoughts to be translated into enduring, engaging sculptures that are within reach. It is the accessibility and engagement that fuel his innate creative spark. It is a conversation, an experience, an inspiration, a story passed down through time that is reflected in sculpture and continues through on-going accessibility and engagement.
Design Philosophy:
“Collaboration, Not Isolation”
We believe in the inventive power and strength of collaboration. It is vital that people from different backgrounds and perspectives come together to seek and to create solutions that no one alone could imagine. We collaborate within our company and with our clients, partners and vendors to create new products and artwork.
Manufacturing Philosophy: 
“Proprietary Products, in Large Doses”
The creativity and innovation that was once reserved for signature pieces, such as destination, site-specific sculpture, is now seen in small forms and functions in retail outlets. It is no longer a choice between quality and quantity.

Contact Profile:
214-239-3993 studio phone
214-239-3996 fax