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Todd English’s Blue Zoo Restaurant at The Dolphin Resort
Walt Disney World, FL
Jeffrey Beers, International


Designed by renowned architect, Jeffrey Beers, Todd English’s Blue Zoo Restaurant is truly a work of art. As part of the design effort, the Beers team brought Brad Oldham to the project to engineer, design and install a never-been-done-before treatment to the six columns in the restaurant.

Brad Oldham engineered how to facilitate the concept onto columns, which required undertaking an intricate installation process by an eight-person team over six days. Each 3/8-inch aluminum rod had to be hung by hand, and there were 432 rods, each 12 feet long, on each column. The six structural columns were covered with this rod curtain treatment, but every column was slightly different; on the plans, the columns were shown as perfectly round, but they were actually slightly askew. Since the columns had to have a uniform look, the hanging system for each column then had to be adapted to fit the actual, skewed columns. The team worked with the lighting architect on the rows of spotlights at top of the column cascade and down the inside of the rod curtain. The Brad Oldham team also worked closely with the fire marshal, the contractor and the owner to ensure the treatment worked according to the standards of the many interested parties.

The six structural columns have become an iconic component of the space experience at Blue Zoo Restaurant.