The Traveling Man
Walking Tall
Corner of Good Latimer & Swiss Avenues


From the northeast side of the Deep Ellum Rail Station, The Traveling Man is walking tall at 38-feet, creating a stunning welcome to visitors and residents of the neighborhood. He’s taking a jovial step toward the rail station on the other side of the street. In this single step, he links the neighborhood with the rail station. The Traveling Man has dancing, silver eyes and a clever smile about his face. He majestically towers over the station with an outstretched hand of friendship. The circular hole in his body represents his acceptance of all.


The four-story-tall sculpture is securely rooted in place by 32-foot deep piers that are five foot in diameter. The internal construction of The Traveling Man is structural steel, similar to what is used for bridges. The sculpture’s exterior is brushed stainless steel. The stainless steel sheets were hand cut and formed to create his unique shape. Thousands of stainless steel rivets hold his “skin” in place. The stainless steel material reflects ambient colors and light from the neighborhood, creating daily intrigue for the rail commuters and those in Deep Ellum.


On the move with a happy stride, The Traveling Man is accompanied by his bird friends, who add an approachable scale to the sculpture and signify that this large man is friendly. Artistically, the birds represent the artistic souls who have been and will be in Deep Ellum. In particular, the bird on his arm represents the heights of possible achievements with a can-do creative spirit found in many of the artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs in the neighborhood. Four bird sculptures are included at this location. These 42-inch-tall sculptures are cast in 304 stainless steel and polished to a mirror finish. The scooped backs create a perfect place for visitors to perch.


Encased in stainless steel boxes to match sculpture, freestanding LED lighting washes The Traveling Man in a complimentary glow at night. The site is finished with Cherokee rock and custom-stained concrete, creating a peaceful, playful feel to The Traveling Man. Viewers can imagine him humming a pleasant tune as he silently wishes the passers-by well.



©Brad Oldham 2009