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The Traveling Man is a three-site sculpture series near the DART Deep Ellum Rail Station.



When the need for an at-grade light rail station on Good Latimer required the demolition of the mural-covered tunnel entrance to Deep Ellum, DART committed to the community to provide a new artistic gateway to create a memorable sense of arrival.


Project Budget:



Primary Materials:

The internal structure is comprised of 5/8-inch to 1 ¼-inch thick steel, ASTM 572 grade 50k. The exterior the sculpture is 1/8-inch brushed 304 stainless steel connected with thousands of visible stainless steel monobolt rivets. The birds are cast and fabricated 304 stainless steel, 1/8-inch thick.


Sculpture Names & Sizes:

The Traveling Man-Walking Tall is 38-feet tall
The Traveling Man-Waiting on a Train is 9-feet tall
The Traveling Man-Awakening is 4½-feet tall


Locations & Sq. Footage:

Good Latimer & Swiss Avenue – lot size 2,220 square feet
Good Latimer & Gaston Avenue – lot size 1,875 square feet
Good Latimer & Elm Street – lot size 1,000 square feet


Project Timeline:

March 2007 – Initial concept submission by Reel FX (RFX)
April 2007 – Brad Oldham, Inc. (BOI) joins the team
June 2007 – Second concept submission by RFX and BOI
June 2008 – Contract awarded to BOI-RFX team
May 2009 – On-site installation started
August 2009 – Installation complete



Dallas Area Rapid Transit System



Brad Oldham, Brandon Oldenburg & Reel FX Creative Studios


Construction Manager:

Brad Oldham, Inc.



Nathan D. Maier Consulting Engineers


Construction Supervisor:

C1S Group, Inc.


Structural Steel Fabricator:

Warhogg Customs


Stainless Steel Fabricator:

LM Fabrication


On-Site Welders:

Welders Unlimited



Axis Contracting




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