Brandon Oldenburg


As of August 2009, Brandon Oldenburg is a founding, managing partner in Moonbot Studios in Shreveport, LA. The state of Louisiana courted him to help bring animation and movie projects to the state. For this assignment, Oldenburg brings his special brand of creativity to the project.

Oldenburg began his career as a co-founding member of Reel FX Creative Studios in 1995 doing a combination of design and special effects for television and film. There he worked with such clients as Troublemaker Studios, Pixar, Disney, DreamWorks and Blue Sky Studios.

As Senior Creative Director for the first 10 years of the company Oldenburg helped establish Reel FX's national reputation as a premier animation studio. Since 1998, Oldenburg has overseen a joint venture with famed author and illustrator, William Joyce (Robots & Meet the Robinsons.) What started out as an experimental puppet show has evolved into a joint venture to create three feature films. Joyce and Oldenburg's other collaborations include Halloween decor for Martha Stewart, Parade Floats for Disney Theme Parks and Installations for The 100th Anniversary Exhibit for Peter Pan. Most recently they sold a story DreamWorks ten years in the making called “The Guardians of Childhood” set to release November 4, 2012.

Oldenburg's work has won many industry accolades most recently an Inspire Design Award for Best Title Design in a Feature Film. Other works include multi-media installations, experimental puppetry and live drawing for fundraisers. Oldenburg and Brad Oldham collaborated on the initial design for the $1.4 million sculptural commission for DART called The Traveling Man, which has drawn local and national attention.

Brandon's illustrations have graced the covers for such prestigious author’s books as Elmore Leonard and Michael Chabon. A '95 Graduate of Ringling School of Art and Design, Brandon holds a B.F.A. in Illustration and a D.F.O. from the Lunar Lamadary in Nepal. He also holds a seat on the American Film Institute's Board of Directors and serves as Artistic Director of the Tex Avery Animation Award. Last year he accepted a seat on the alumni board for Ringling School of Art and Design.



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