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The team at Brad Oldham International, Inc. enjoys developing retail products that are creatively linked to our artwork. This is another dimension in accessibility and engagement with the artwork. Stack N Wear artisan cuff bracelets are one such product. Check out to see what is new.


Shown here is an artisan cuff bracelet with a bird motif above the design inspiration – the stainless steel bird sculptures - in our Dallas studio.

The gear doesn’t stop with artisan cuff bracelets. What started with Brad providing his studio team with custom t-shirts to wear while working, has evolved into the popular Brad Oldham t-shirt line that is now available to his clients and friends. These lightweight 100% cotton t-shirts features the company’s progressive ‘burning B’ logo in relation to nostalgic drawings of animals and children in the 1940’s-style. It’s the juxtaposition of a very modern element with retro figures that captures the unique aspect of Brad Oldham’s style in how he combines the old and the new. Please contact the studio to purchase your t-shirts.





Hand-cast pewter keychains have also
become popular with our clients and friends.
For moreinformation, contact the studio.