The Traveling Man

Corner of Good Latimer & Elm Street


To tie the rail station with the neighborhood, the 1,000-square-foot piece of land near the corner of Good Latimer and Elm Street is incorporated into The Traveling Man installation. This location not only brings The Traveling Man concept into the heart of the neighborhood, but also encourages visitors and residents to gather, recharge, and continue exploring Deep Ellum. The Traveling Man’s head is coming up from the ground, as if he is waking up from the earth below Deep Ellum. His eyes are closed: He is sleeping, but nearly awake. Perhaps he is still dreaming. His bird friends gather around because they know well that the jolly man will soon join them.


The Traveling Man’s head is a familiar shape, similar to a guitar head, which is where a musician controls the tuning of the strings. It is meaningful that this is the installation where people can meet, talk, sing, wait, and get “in tune” with Deep Ellum. They can lounge on The Traveling Man’s approachable head. The birds offer their bodies for generous seating to guests as well.


The 4½-foot sculpture is made of brushed stainless steel sheets with thousands of stainless steel monobolt rivets adhering the pieces of this head together. The 42-inch-tall bird sculptures are cast in 304 stainless steel and polished to a mirror finish. The site is finished off with custom-stained concrete and Cherokee rock.


©Brad Oldham 2009